We work with in-house business continuity teams to test BCM procedures and validate plans.

As well as exercising crisis communications plans, we also work with in-house business continuity teams to test BCM procedures and validate plans.

Our BCM experts will work closely with your own team to understand your plan and your objectives for the exercise.

We will then partner with you to create a highly realistic scenario which will either see an incident evolving in real-time or simulate a situation developing over the course of several days or longer.

Our exercises see senior leadership teams planning their response to a situation as it develops, invoking their BCM plans and working together as they would in a real situation, addressing business issues and responding to internal and external communication challenges.

The exercise can include specially recorded TV news reports, complemented by written and verbal injects and social media updates to simulate the speed at which a situation can develop.

Your team can receive unexpected calls from newspaper journalists, ambush interviews from TV news crews and requests for interviews throughout the exercise. Facilitated by our experienced journalist trainers and technicians, interview situations can include newspaper, radio and TV interviews including face-to-face location interviews, down-the-line (straight-to-camera) TV encounters and press conferences.

Team working sessions can be punctuated with plenary de-brief sessions facilitated jointly by our BCM and crisis communications experts. After the exercise, we will provide a written report and work with you to enhance your plans for the future.

Our BCM exercises are renowned for their creativity, realism and usefulness. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.