A crisis situation will unfold in real time throughout the day.

A particular area of specialism for Cameron Communications, crisis training exercises are an invaluable way to put your messages, spokespeople and crisis communications plans to the test as an ‘incident’ unfolds in real time.

Guaranteed a white-knuckle ride, delegates’ phones can begin to ring even before they’ve arrived at the training venue to assess their response to unexpected calls.

Once in situ, they will watch ‘live’ TV news clips and see ‘breaking’ news online, as well as receiving written updates which pose additional challenges as the crisis develops.

With two or more of our experienced trainers working in parallel, delegates can undertake a number of high-pressure interviews, from initial phone calls, through print, radio, face-to-face and down-the-line TV encounters.

Crisis training sessions can also include unexpected ambush interviews throughout the day and often culminate with a press conference or with delegates addressing the media scrum.

Our experienced technicians add to the realism by filming ambush interviews with shoulder-mounted cameras and setting up highly realistic studio and press conference settings.

We would develop a crisis scenario specific to your organisation based on a brief from you, writing and pre-recording the TV news clips which pre-empt practice interviews throughout the day.

In addition to flash drives for every delegate, a copy of our exclusive media training guide and sets of A6 reminder cards, we would also assess individual and group performances in a detailed written report.

Please call or email us to discuss your requirements in greater detail. We’d be delighted to help.