We can set up realistic studio settings anywhere in the world.

Our trainers carry the latest portable kit including broadcast quality hand-held microphones for radio interviews, wireless lapel and hand-held microphones for TV interviews and lightweight HD cameras, enabling us to set up highly realistic interview situations cost-effectively anywhere in the world.

Our specialist technicians carry full kit including full-size TV cameras and lighting, mixing desks, lapel, hand-held and desk microphones – and more cables and  connectors than you could possibly imagine.

They are experts at creating a full studio experience studio experience for both radio and TV interviews, including down-the-line (straight-to-camera) TV interviews at your offices or any other location around the world.

We also work closely with leading TV studios from where many BBC and ITV news programmes are broadcast, when you want senior people to experience the real thing first-hand.

The practice interviews take place in a working studio facilitated by camera operators, sound technicians and a director who controls proceedings from the gallery. Interview playback can take place either in the green room or the gallery.