It's essential to make the most of every opportunity.

As well as enhancing the ability of your key spokespeople or ensuring their skills remain sharp through regular refresher training, you may also need to prepare them for specific interviews.

Most interview opportunities are hard-won. It often takes weeks or months of planning, preparation and persistence to secure an interview on radio or TV, or with a national newspaper, website or trade publication.

It’s essential your spokespeople are as well prepared as possible to make the most of the opportunity you’ve created – and avoid the many pitfalls.

We can help create key messages that will resonate with the journalist and audience, before rehearsing and refining them during the practice interviews.

We will match the training team to the interview you’re preparing for, whether it’s a specific print opportunity or a live slot on breakfast news, the Today programme or Newsnight.

Our experts will ask the questions your spokesperson will face when giving the interview for real, and build their confidence through high-level feedback and coaching, ensuring they are able to deliver their messages and shine in the spotlight.