Our presentation training is highly engaging, practical, hands-on and fun.

There are so many things to consider when planning a presentation of any kind.

Have you thought about the audience, their level of knowledge or understanding? What are the questions they most need answers to? Should you sit or stand? Have you thought about the structure and length of your presentation? Should you tell the occasional joke? Should you use slides? What should you wear? And what should you do with your hands?

We answer all of these important questions and more in our presentation training, which can take place on a one-to-one basis for senior executives preparing for a specific event, or in larger groups during half or full-day sessions.

Our presentation training is highly engaging, practical, hands-on and fun. It will do more than just help you present well. It will ensure you are able to communicate with real impact.

We help delegates every step of the way, from developing their key messages and structuring their presentations, to the actual delivery – including the use of voice, eye contact and body language to help keep the audience engaged.

Our trainers are broadcasters, presenters and keynote speakers each with at least 15 years’ experience, who will shape the course around your individual requirements.

Practice presentations are filmed using HD cameras and wireless lapel microphones and then played back, accompanied by our expert feedback and coaching.

Presentation training sessions will typically include:

  • Knowing your audience and understanding their needs
  • Structuring and planning a presentation using our unique Presentation Power Modelpresentation courses
  • Building your story house – including key messages and proof points
  • Starting strongly – the importance of the first 45 seconds
  • Building confidence and ensuring clarity – using the right language
  • The importance of voice including speed, rhythm, tone and volume
  • Using the right body language, posture and movement
  • Using your eyes and the importance of eye contact
  • Presenting with slides and how to make sure they enhance, not detract
  • Presenting at a lectern and using microphones
  • Successfully concluding a presentation – the importance of a powerful ending
  • Practice presentations, playback, review and coaching

We have worked with major companies, professional associations, local authorities and PR agencies to help their people deliver effective presentations that hit the mark.

If you’d like to move from presenting to communicating with impact, please get in touch with us to find out more.